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 The Global Rules

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The Global Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Global Rules   The Global Rules EmptyThu Feb 28, 2008 12:34 pm

The Global Rules used to maintain things.

Rule #1- Posting images, videos, or even text of pornographic things is forbidden. It will be removed, and you will be IP banned.

Rule #2- Videos or images of rude, horrific, or gory things.

Rule #3- Don't advertise other sites. Except for Brawl Central, advertising them is allowed.

Rule #4- Should an arguement start, try to end it. Should you not, I, or moderators, will attack with a warning, or suspension, or a ban. But first we will most likely just tell you to let it go.

Rule #5- Flaming and such is obviously against the rules. Insults are of course included.

Rule #6- No SPAMing, and of course, no double posting. In the event that you SPAM or double post, delete it.
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The Global Rules
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