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 Just a simple strategy!

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Just a simple strategy! Empty
PostSubject: Just a simple strategy!   Just a simple strategy! EmptyTue May 27, 2008 9:56 pm

This is just a strategy I came up with and I usaully use in play.

Lucario has good range and is more of a hit and run type character. Yes if you don't like camping then this wouldn't be for you. Wait for the enemy to strike first as then you have a few viable moves at your disposal. Double-team is always effective when your enemy hits you head on. Most opponents don't even expect this and are usaully caught off guard. after you hit them with this you can go in for a tilt or standard combo to throw them off. Or you could try a throw and keep them away waiting for them to make the next move. It might sound cruel, but if you want another way to win then you might want to try this strategy.

Aura Sphere is another invaluable move you have iun your arsenal. It has good range and is actually quite fast when fully charged. The fact that you can charge this up in three seconds makes this move a big threat to those who can't sheild or spot-dodge well. I personally use this move whenever I'm too far away to attack with physical moves. It keeps you on the offense and your opponent is always weary when you have a charged Aura Sphere so you can take advantage of that by fakeing them out.

I just came up with this a long time ago, but I had never posted it.
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Just a simple strategy!
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